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    roy1977 28 June 2016, 20:08 UTC

    Hi All,

    So i had an issue over a month ago with noises that came from the motor and i sent it to Future Motion and they fixed the issue pretty fast.
    Today my the board nose dived in extreme mode (no big deal i managed to walk away from the fall),and now i started to hear this noises:


    If you know what to do or it happened to you in the past please help me, i really DON'T want to send it again for 3 weeks.



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    kelp 28 June 2016, 20:19 UTC

    that is weird. is your fender attached via magnets?

  • thegreck @roy1977 28 June 2016, 20:23 UTC

    @roy1977 Does it make that noise with the fender off? Almost sounds like plastic bending.

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    roy1977 28 June 2016, 20:27 UTC

    I tried it without the fender and it still makes that noise,and the fender is connected with screws.

  • thegreck @roy1977 28 June 2016, 20:31 UTC

    @roy1977 Man, that's some bad luck, sorry! I've seen Onewheels go through a lot more than one nosedive and come through with no issues.

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    roy1977 @thegreck 28 June 2016, 20:36 UTC

    @thegreck Yes defiantly bad luck! i sent it to support and hope they will have a solution that will not include sending the board for another 3 weeks...

  • Aaron Broward FL 29 June 2016, 15:54 UTC

    Yeah my board made a noise like that when I first put my fender on but it was just the fender screws settling and rubbing and it settled after a couple rides. I mean it's hard to tell from my iPad speakers, but as just an easy you don't want to send it off fix and because you crashed, are all your screws and footpads and stuff tight and secure?

  • thegreck @roy1977 29 June 2016, 16:03 UTC

    @roy1977 Yeah, @Aaron-Broward-FL has a good thought. You should check each of the screws that hold the wooden footpads in place. Maybe they're loose and the footpads are squeaking. Because the noise seems more in sync with your feet moving back and forth and less to do with a mechanical issue.

    I could be wrong, but you should try it to be sure before sending it back.

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    roy1977 @Aaron Broward FL 29 June 2016, 18:27 UTC

    @Aaron-Broward-FL & @thegreck -Thanks for your feedback see bellow a clip without fender and it's still making that noise.
    It's only making it while i am tilting the board from side to side and while i'm riding it's acting normal and ride smoothly.
    i sent this clip to support today and lets hope they will have a quick fix for it.

    I made sure all the screws are tight in place.


  • wheeler 30 June 2016, 03:59 UTC

    What about when you have it off and move the wheel around? Does it roll smooth and noise free? I just recently put some Bones Speed Cream on my bearings and it feels smoother and more torque in the ride.

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    roy1977 @wheeler 6 July 2016, 00:26 UTC

    @wheeler thanks for the feedback in some way I really don't know how the noise gone!