Maintenance for my XR?

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  • J
    jackiemoon 2 May 2019, 02:52 UTC

    I’ve got 300 miles on my XR
    Dumb question but should I be doing some maintenance? I don’t beat on the board and it is in great shape.

    Change the oil...clean the carb? Well I guess I don’t need to do those things

    Any tips are appreciated


  • OneDan+ @jackiemoon 2 May 2019, 03:10 UTC

    @jackiemoon My + has 1600 miles on it. All I've done is clean it up every once in a while and check that the bolts are all tight. Runs as good or better than it did new.

  • J
    jackiemoon 2 May 2019, 03:16 UTC

    I need to do nothing? woo hoo !!!!

    I love when I have to do nothing, except ride more!!!

    Thanks for the quick reply